Project Summary-Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence exhibited by machines or softwares. Its an academic field of study which generally studies the goal of emulating human-like intelligence. Artificial intelligence can be something simple like a machine being able to recognize your writing or something complex like a humanoid!

“The science and engineering of making intelligent machines” – John McCarthy in 1955.

Latest Developments in AI.

-Genesis by MIT CSAIL

-Pepper robot by Softbank

-Ibm’s Watson System

-Cyberbot by Rollo Carpenter

-Cyc by Cycorp

-Humanoids like Azima, Noa, HSP-4


Psychological benefits.

-An exact virtual brain.

-An ideal brain.

-Research without ethical problems.

-Many more

Technological benefits.

-Better humanoids

-Better Softwares

-Personalized and user friendly Technology

-Many more

Other benefits.

-Efficient work

-No effort

-Creating something from nothing

-Many more


-We will become lazy and fat

-We would think ourself to be GOD

-Replicating our gift by nature ie. Intelligence


-Possibility of human extinction

-Many more


We might give intelligence to some machines to ease human life but at the same time we must not lose control of our creations or else they might lead us to our DOOM/

Intelligent machines can never be human!

One practical Model using artificial intelligence.

Creating a massager with music system fr your relaxation. There will be a massager in shape of a hand that will gently fit to part you want to massage using a AI software. You will be able to choose the music but there will be an additional feature of auto songs. It will play the best song according to your mood. The AI software will understand your mood by facial recognition technique.


-Mental relaxation through music.

-Physical relaxation through massage.



Link to the video of facial recognition technique.


-Dhruv Upadhyay 1301CS16

-Ballabh Inder Kishore 1301ME13

-Prashant Luhana 1301ME27


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