Project Summary-Hypnotism

-K.Sai Sumanth 1301CH16

-Ch.Vishal 1301ME15


  • Hypnosis is a psychological state with physiological attributes superficially resembling sleep and marked by a level of awareness different to the ordinary conscious state. Another description of the phenomenon is that of an altered mental state, while another links it to imaginative role-enactment.
  • Technical meaning :Hypnosis – coming from the Greek word ‘Hypnos’ (meaning sleep) was so-called because while in the state of Hypnosis, a person is very, very relaxed

Where hypnosis??

  • It talks about the history of hypnosis
  • There is a great deal of evidence to support the belief that Hypnosis was being used by the Ancient Greeks and Romans – for therapeutic benefit – as far back as about the fourth Century BC. 
  • Ancient Egyptians used hypnosis in their dream temples. Some ancient Egyptian paintings depict an apparently sleeping person with others who seem to be making hypnotic passes over them. Perhaps the best source of reference to hypnosis in early Egypt comes from the famous 3rd century CE Demotic Magical Papyrus which was discovered in the 19th century in Thebes

How can hypnosis help??

  • 1 Hypnosis can treat addictions

Hypnosis can help you lose weight and keep it off .

Hypnosis can help manage chronic pain. 

Hypnosis can help reduce stress.

Hypnosis can help deal with childhood issues. Hypnosis can promote deep relaxation

Hypnosis can help recover buried memories 

Hypnosis can help treat Anxiety and Depression

Bad part of hypnosis

  • 1. Issues often take several sessions, or half a dozen sessions to shift, and some clients unreasonably imagine that a single session will ‘fix them’. (they aren’t broken, anyway) 
  • 2. There is no massive shock to the system, for an issue to easily resolve — this can lead the client to sometimes think it did not help, because it’s so natural and comfortable. The change is what they want, made by their own mind. Feels totally normal. Is normal. 

How to perform hypnotism

1. First, you will need to get your subject relaxed. Have them lie down (or sit very comfortably) and tell them to let all of the tension drain out of them. Tell them they weight one thousand pounds. Do whatever it takes to get them really, really relaxed.

  • 2. Next, you need to induct your subject. This is done by having them daydream to relax their minds so that they are receptive to what you say. You will need to ad-lib this part. Tell them to imagine they are in a place, and slowly build sensory detail until you think they really feel like they are in that place. For example, on a beach you might say, “Look down at your feet. Feel and see the sand between your toes. Smell the salty air and hear the screeching of the gulls.” After a while tell them to let the image go.
  • 3. Have them go through memories from the past few days, re-living them completely. This is a particularly effective method. Let them do it for themselves and just wait quietly. Tell them to let that image go.
  • 4. Tell them to imagine an object of food. Have them feel it, smell it, and see it. Tantalize them with smells but don’t let them eat it. Then tell them that they can eat it, and to savor each bite. At this point if the subject has been hypnotized well they may appear to be chewing and licking their lips.
  • 5.After the previous steps they should look very relaxed. Their breathing should be deep and even. They should not be fidgeting or tensing any muscles. Check if they meet these requirements. If they don’t, repeat any of the last three steps. If they do, move on. If you aren’t sure, tell them to picture a ruler in their mind, and let one be totally awake and twelve be nearly asleep, and ask them to tell you quietly what number they are. If they are lower than eight or nine repeat the steps.
  • Once the subject trusts you completely, tell them that they will not come out of hypnosis, but they will sit up very slowly. Some subjects may take very slowly quite literally, so be patient. Once they do, if you want them to stand up you can have them do that too.
  • The best way to get them to do funny things is to have them act out a story that you tell them. For example, if you want them to try to fly, you could say that they are walking down the street and they see an evil wizard who turns them into a bird, and that they have to fly away from the wizard.
  • Have fun! Be creative with what you tell them is happening. After you are done, tell them to lie back down and that they will remember the outside world and slowly stretch and wake up. They may or may not remember what they did. It’s even funnier when they don’t!

All we want to say is that hypnotism is not very well understood

It is still a mystery unresolved…!!!


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