Project Summary-Karan Jakhar

HS 241 Psychology

Project Summary

Submitted By: Karan Jakhar 1301ME21

Topic : Brain Analysing Lazy Device (BALD)

Always dreamed of getting things done by mere thought, now this can be done by Brain Analysing Lazy Device (BALD). Working on the principles of Electroencephalography (EEG) i.e. recording of electrical activity along the scalp, measuring the voltage fluctuations resulting from ionic current flowing within the neurons of the brain. Every emotion, physical work to senses produce a specific voltage fluctuation in the specific part of the brain. Now BALD will take these signal as a trigger mechanism to perform certain task from switching on TV to driving a car. Now you don’t have to get up switch off the fan when you feel cold. It has its limitation though, everything that we are want BALD to trigger needs to be connected to it, which is not so easy in present scenario. Also the EEG devices are a bit bulky for a daily use so scope of improvement is indeed there.


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