Project Summary-Piyush

Are you frustated of your wifi speed ?
You might not be able to talk to your loved ones properly due to “Network Error”?

What if i tell you that you can have a network with a precision 1000 times greater than that of a surgeon and speed 2000 times greater than that of the fastest animal.
Surprised Huh! ,

Neurons in human body form a communicating channel between the brain and the body parts, what if they made up the channel between your router and laptop.
Difficult to imagine? , Let me help :-
-> The wires across a workplace connect your system with others, the same is done by the neurons connecting the inside of our body.
-> Since the data is given out in digital form , a lot of bandwidth and energy is wasted to send the parity(the error checking bits, acknowledgement bits) along
with the data.
-> Our neurons communicate in analog form
i) No noisy signals generated.
ii) No parity data are send in the body.
iii)Our reflex actions convey all about the speed.

So, i would like to propose a quasi-perfect system which could change the way we see the networking system and their concepts.


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