Project Summary-Sumit and Arindam

Golden Ratio
Topic:Effect of Golden Ratio on our perception of beauty in case of human faces.

Golden Ratio :
In mathematics, when two quantities are in same ratio as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two
quantities i.e. if ‘a’ is greater than ‘b’ then, ‘a+b’ to ‘a’ equals ‘a’ to ‘b’.

Golden Ratio In Nature :
It is known that the golden ratio manifests itself in abundance in nature.
From petals of flowers to veins of leaves to insect hives to crystals to animal skeletons , we encounter golden ratio everywhere .

Golden Ratio :Earlier Studies
Studies by psychologists, starting with Fechner, have been devised to test the idea that the golden ratio plays a role in human perception of beauty.

In this project we tried to verify it .

We decided to verify the validity of the aforementioned hypothesis by doing a wide scale web-survey of (not so popular) actresses.
The students would rate the faces on a scale of 1-5.
Later we compare various ratios found in a face with the golden ratio and try to reach a conclusion.

The Web Survey:
In the web survey we are presented with faces of all the actresses in order while we rate it on a scale of 1-5.
The code for the survey was written by us using php , mysql , html , css and javascript.
The result is a general survey website capable of suppoting many large kinds of surveys.

For our survey, we decided to use some common prevelant ratios of various dimensions of the face.
They are:-
1)Eyes to nose flair to nose base
2)Eyes to nostril top to center of lips
3)Eyes to nose base to bottom of lips
4)Eyes to center of lips to bottom of lips
5)Nose flair to bottom of lips to bottom of chin
6)Nose flair to top of lips to bottom of chin
7)Arc of eyebrows to top of lips to bottom of chin
8)Side of face to center of face to outside opposite face
The conclusion was interesting. Any face we deem beautiful may or may not conform to the golden ratio.
However, every person with the face ratios close to the golden ratio is always perceived as beautiful.
That is we find certain beauty in faces that conform to the golden ratio.


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